Saturday, 4 December 2010

Lovely clean shoes and the Marcothon

At last I'm doing a bit of running after having colds and coughs for what felt like months. I've been doing pretty light mileage, about 25 miles per week, for the last two weeks and the longest run so far has been 8 hilly miles, but over the last few days I've started to feel like a runner again.

We've had snow here since last Saturday and I've been wearing my Mizuno Wave Harriers - shoes that normally only get taken out when I am going for a run through some clarty forest or muddy farmland, so last Saturday morning they were covered in dried mud or worse. 30+ miles of running in the snow has transformed them into the cleanest shoes I own and I'm very pleased because they are excellent.

I've been reading some of the WHW race related blogs and came across a few mentions of the Marcothon. It sounds like a great thing to aim for in the run up to Christmas so I'm going to do my best to run at least 3 miles each and every day of December. Fours days in and it's going okay - getting out tonight was a bit of a drag but once I was out in the snow with my £7 ebay headtorch I was glad to be running.

I need to get some photos on this blog so hopefully I'll remember to take my camera with me on tomorrow's three mile epic. I might go mad and do four miles.

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  1. push the boat ali..4.5..i bet you can
    glad you're back running..our families are unsafe when we're unable to