Saturday, 18 December 2010

Icebugs and headtorches

If I'm honest the novelty of running on frozen water is starting to wear off. At least my least worn pair of trainers have been getting plenty of action. About 9 years ago I was persuaded by a Runners' World article to buy an expensive pair of Swedish trainers - Icebugs - which as trainers go are not that great. They are heavy, spongy, ill-fitting and they hurt my big toe, but they have something that has made them a bit useful over the past few weeks - little metal spikes that stick out of the outsole and give quite good grip on ice. They are pretty much Volvos for your feet.

Last weekend I went for my first run on the West Highland Way for a long time. I left the car at Drymen and ran to Milngavie to meet Dave (who ran the West Highland Way last year in a little over 20 hours), then we ran back together to Drymen before Dave headed on up to Rowardennan. What should be the easiest section of the WHW, along the old railway past Dumgoyne, was really hard going - tiptoeing along a ridge of hard snow and ice, and every so often one of your feet would hit the slush and fly away from underneath you so you'd lose all momentum. At least we weren't the only folk daft enough to be out in the less than perfect underfoot conditions - we bumped into Debbie M-C and Sharon Law on the route.

The sun came up as I passed Carbeth

So I did 24 miles, about 16 of which were on ice and slush, and I was done in when I finished but it was good to get out for a long run and chat with Dave.

I've run all seventeen days of December so far so my Marcothon is still alive. The last few days have been a bit difficult and I've been very close to deciding to quit before heading out at 10.30pm with a headtorch on to do the minimum 3 miles on icy farm roads. When I really can't be bothered, I do an out and back from the house, with the first mile and a half an easy downhill - by the time I get to the bottom I've got to turn round and get home and then that's me done. I'm past the half-Marcothon now so hopefully the run in will get easier.

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  1. i saw a similar pair of shoes for sale at an event years ago and said 'pah! when would we ever need those!'..i eat my words