Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Early morning run round Kings' Park

Yesterday was day 7 of the Marcothon and last night when I got home from work having run back from the station via Tesco to pick up some essentials, I was feeling worn out. I had a couple of niggling pains in different parts of my legs and reckoned I could probably do with a rest day. Instead, I figured that if I went for an early morning run today then I could do tomorrow's run in the evening and have the best part of 36 hours of rest in between. I had seen on the weather forecast that today was being to a beautiful clear day so I went for a run round a snow covered Kings' Park in Stirling as the sun was coming up.

It was a lovely 6km run on hard packed snow, though it was a bit parky at minus 10. At the end of it I felt motivated and inspired by running and was looking forward to the running every day for the rest of the month, rather than worrying about it.

So over the first week of the Marcothon I've done about 34 miles - not as much as some of the other Marcathletes (or is it Marcothoners?) out there, but a decent week of running for me.


  1. with a vista like that itd be hard not to want to run every day

  2. That's beautiful. All but gone on Dartmoor but hoping for more soon.