Monday, 6 June 2011

Enough training?

So it's pretty much time up for training for the WHW race. It's only 12 days away now. I'm really looking forward to getting started and am not feeling too nervous about it yet - I figure if I start off slow and try and get to Tyndrum feeling good then the rest of it will happen one way or another.

I haven't done a huge amount of training since the Fling - one 30+ mile run and a handful of 13 to 15 mile runs. I've been doing a bit more speedwork (not really a change in training strategy, more to do with only being able to fit a short quick run in at lunchtime now work has got busy), and I'm doing the intervals quicker then I ever have done before so that's encouraging.

I've had a couple of family weekends with no scope for running - the best one was a trip to Northumberland to go to the Farne Islands (indescribably brilliant at this time of year - a real feast for the senses) - which have been good fun and have been a good check on getting carried away and trying to do much training this close to the race.

My plan was to take it easy for the two or three weeks leading up to the race, but the weather was so good on Friday I had to get up early and go for a run up Carleatheran before work. It was superb to be on the hills so early when it was warm and still. I had some more brilliant views of Stirling as I headed back home. It was one of those runs that make you glad you are a runner.

Then on Sunday I went over to Carron Valley in the morning to do a fairly easy 15 mile loop on good tracks - the plan was to go at a similar speed as I would start the WHW, but I got over excited running through the windfarm (I think it was the speed and sound of the blades over my head) and ended up pushing it a bit over the last 5 miles. It was good though to be able to cruise along much quicker than I intend to run any of the WHW but for it to still feel pretty easy.

I think I'll probably do one or two more 10-ish mile runs this week, but nice and slow and probably after eating my dinner. Then next week I'm looking forward to not doing much more than a couple of jogs whilst eating fish and chips for lunch most days and having a few beers most evenings as my preferred form of carbo-loading.


  1. Hi Ali

    iam free from wedensday onwards and would love a slow paced run in the valley since i missed you at the weekend.

    enjoy your rest period or fish and chips with beer :-)

  2. sounds a perfect lifestyle ali!
    i think you'll do a great whw..its all in the bag waiting