Wednesday, 15 June 2011


It's now just over 48 hours until the start of the WHW race. I've just been writing a list of what food I might try and eat and where, and which clothes I'll wear and which I'll have as spares. It took about 10 minutes to write my list so that's ample preparation. I'm now sat eating a bowl of porridge at 10.30pm and trying not to think about the pain that has developed in my foot over the last day. All that is left for me to do between now and 1am Saturday morning is:

1. Charge up my head torch
2. Have fish and chips for lunch on Thursday
3. Learn all the words to "Roll with it" by Oasis
4. Write "It ain't the distance that gets you - it's the pace" on my right forearm
5. Have fish and chips for lunch on Friday

The weather forecast for Saturday is pretty rubbish - frequent heavy showers. I'd prefer it nice and hot any day. Still, most other runners seem to be happy with the forecast so I suppose that's good.

My dad told me this evening not to worry about times or finishing, but just think about how lucky I am to get to spend the entire day running on a brilliant route.

If you are running on Saturday, best of luck and I hope the race goes well for you. If you're supporting a runner, I hope you have an enjoyable day and manage to avoid the rain and the midges.

See you in Fort William.


  1. I'd prefer sunshine too, dont mind showers but hate being soacked through like i got on last double run. Oh well, we'll get what we get! good luck , see you friday

  2. Fish and chips is the perfect pre race food. I swear by it. :-)
    See you on Friday. Take care.

    Ps I also would rather it was warm and sunny. :-)

  3. Cool and cloudy all the way for running, and not too bothered about some damp so long as it's not pouring...

  4. good luck ali
    loving the fish and chips prep