Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Tablet is a Scottish confectionery pretty much made out of sugar and not much else. It has a similar calorific density to enriched uranium, and rumour has it is the stuff NASA used to put in the solid rocket boosters that were strapped on to the side of the space shuttle. I had always planned on taking a few bars with me on the Fling as there are few things as easy to eat as tablet that are better for a quick boost of several hundred calories. Best of all, you can get three bars for a little over 50p in Tesco - as I said, this is a Scottish confectionery.

So it was very encouraging tonight to read John Kynaston's detailed plans for the Fling and to see that within his nutritional arsenal are a few bars of tablet. I'm relying on a diet of tablet, chocolate soya milk, salt and vinegar crisps and coke to get me through the race on Saturday. Not disimlar to a teenager's lunch judging by what I see the local school kids buying in Asda at lunchtime. I like my coke full strength and fizzy - none of this watered down flat stuff that seems to be popular. The only other thing I'm planning on having is water, though I'm going to take a sachet or two of Diarolyte with me in case I need a bit more of a salt boost. I'm aiming to have a chocolate soya milk every hour for as long as I can stomach it, then I'll move on to my teenager lunch box.

Pace-wise, I'm gooing for the old "start slow and get slower". I finished the Fling in 2009 in a hair under 10 and a half hours, so it would be nice to beat that time - maybe 10.15 is possible if things go my way. It would be great to get under 10 hours some day, but there's a bigger prize to be had in June so I don't want to push myself too hard on the Fling this year. My dad is running this year, and he'll be starting 2 hours ahead of me at 6am. He'll definitely take less than twelve hours and I'll definitely take more than ten hours so unfortunately (and hopefully) I won't see him until we are both in Tyndrum.

I recorded my highest ever seven day mileage in the week ending last Sunday - 83 miles. I hadn't planned on doing so much but was up in Newtonmore at the weekend and went for a run up a local munro (Carn Dearg) with my sister on Sunday morning. She is a fell runner and is a bit obsessed with running in rough terrain so rather than follow paths we seemed to spend a lot of time running through knee deep heather, tussocks and peat bogs. Maybe not the best taper, but a nice run in the hills. The path along the ridge of Carn Dearg in the morning sun was a joy to run. We saw an eagle too.

I'm taking it easy this week so will hopefully feel full of beans on Saturday. The forecast looks good and I'm really looking forward to spending the day running and walking on an excellent route.

Best of luck to everyone else who is running - it'll be great.


  1. Good luck on Saturday Ali, hope to see both you and your dad somewhere along the way. I've run marathons with both my kids (at different times!)so I know it's quite special to have two generations of the family in the same event.

  2. Ali rest well and see you on the line saturday :-)

  3. Good stuff Tablet! It has given me a boost just when I needed it on more than one occasion.

    Have a great race. See you Saturday.

  4. Beware the salt and vinegar crisps. I had ONE at Beinn Glas in 2009 and it was absolutely horrible as I was struggling with heat and the vinegar seemed to be seriously concentrated as a result. HORRIBLE! Plain crisps were fine though!

  5. Ali good luck on Saturday,tablet is definately a great fix no matter what stage of the event you are at

  6. Ali,
    Never tried tablet on a run bit it sounds pretty good. You've convinced me - I'll pack a couple of bars. Have a good one on Saturday.

  7. have a great time and say hi to the ellen and murdo from us.
    im with you on the coke front..must try said tablet one day though