Saturday, 16 April 2011

Low mileage and place names

I haven't done much running over the last 4 weeks. After the trip to the Yorkshire Dales I had a bit of a cold and since then I seem to have lost the will and desire to get out running the long distances I should perhaps be doing. The longest run I did in March was 24 miles and I would have liked to have done something longer, but it just wasn't possible due to family and work commitments.

Last weekend I had a nice couple of runs on Greenham Common and along a bit of the Kennet-Avon canal, and I was cruising along at what felt like at an easy pace but was a bit quicker than usual. So hopefully a few weeks of low mileage hasn't done me any harm. I reckon a good five or six weeks of training from now and I should be okay for the big one in June.

We were on holiday in Dorset the week before last. It was great - very relaxing and lots of time to spend with the kids. The place we were staying had a roller disco rink - perfect since we got our daughter roller boots for her birthday recently, and treated ourselves to a pair too. I sneaked out for a couple of runs - one of them along a section of the South Coast Path on a perfect sunny morning.

Looking East towards Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove

Looking West towards the Portland and Weymouth

There were some top quality place names in the area - the pick (no pun intended) of which had to be "Scratchy Bottom" which we walked down on the way to Durdle Door one glorious evening. My wife was a bit dissapointed that "Studland Beach" didn't quite live up to its billing. The coastal scenery was spectacular and I'd like to do the whole section of the South Coast Path between Poole and Weymouth some day.


  1. sounds like a great holiday ali!
    i wouldn't worry re the low you say it seems like it may have done you good!

  2. Ah I thought you'd been quiet on here lately. Glad to hear your runnings feeling good now. Personaly I'm still struggling with the remnants of this injury. I'm still a little sore coming downhill and I'm keeping the mileage low to build up strength in that area.
    Heyho, getting there.