Friday, 28 October 2011

Ready for the OMM

I need to get up just after 5am tomorrow to go and meet my brother-in-law Simon then head off to Comrie for the OMM. We met up last night to share out the gear and pack our bags. Simes assures me that we'll just take it easy and have a good weekend, but I'm not sure that's how it will be since my sister is running the same class as us so there is a serious sibling / husband-wife competition to be settled. Simes is a much better runner than I'll ever be - I'm probably more nervous about this than doing the WHW race as I am worried that I'll slow him down too much. We'll see.

I spent an hour on Wednesday evening re-proofing my rain jacket in the hope that Sod's Law would mean it would then not rain all weekend. It doesn't seem to have worked - the forecast is for heavy rain and wind all day and night Saturday, and just some light rain on Sunday.

The three mountain marathons I've done before were in the summer, and I have always said I wouldn't do the OMM because it always has crappy weather - at least I'm being proved right this weekend. We're doing a harder course than I've done before so I'm making some weight concessions from my usual mountain marathon kit, like taking cask strength whisky rather than the normal 40%.

At least the clocks go back on Saturday night so I can spend an extra hour asleep. Or, more likely, an extra hour shivering in a cold, dark, damp one-man tent with another six foot bloke.

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